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For those who like being 100% hands on and part of the journey step by step, this program is for you!

Those who have a flexible schedule or just extra time that can be spent training your dog, I say choose this one. But with that said results varies heavily on your hardworking and dedication of reinforcing at home alone between meeting trainer for the next session.

TRAINER will guide&teach owner how to take control of the leash and help rebuild a solid relationship with their dog.

Owner, Dog, and trainer will meet once a week for upto an hour a session


$140.00 a session

equipment not included in price

Treats not included

Basic Obedience - 3sessions

Intermediate Obedience - 5 sessions

Advanced Obedience - 7 sessions


Puppy Training - 1 session


Please understand how important it is with Private Lessons, there is not guarantee you'll get the solid clean look.

understand things happen in life we have no control but with each day you do not fully follow through with training is a set back.

This means even if you're having a ; bad day, rainy day, cold or hot, or busy day, YOU MUST TRAIN!

*of corse keep you and your dogs safety in mind