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Cathy Maldonado is a 



Hey y'all!

So Like you I was tired of not meeting a trainer that truly wanted to educate me so I can feel confident about training my dog at home. I wanted to offer clients a phone line where there wasn't a limit on questions they could ask or have someone to help them if they need more assistance. 

Soo I bit the bullet packed my things and went to Starmark Academy in Hutto, Tx. 

Best decision I have ever made!!

My Siberian Husky Luna was the first dog I delt with dog aggression, I thought it was the end of the world because that meant I could never have another dog part of my pack or be able to go anywhere with her. Little did I know its okay they don't like dogs but with that said she isn't allowed to react and or antagonize other dogs. 


I wasn't the smartest in school, college was hard for me but learning about canines, I mean everything to and between from; nutrients, first aid, nose work, agility, herding, and competition obedience. That was so easy for me I knew I was meant to be there I knew this was something I was so passionate about, when I graduated as a Canine Trainer and Behavioral Specialist I was so excited to offer all the hard work of hours of training dogs and getting the inside  scoop of how to manage a business and offer great quality to my clients. 

When you hire me as your forever trainer, you're not just getting someone who took a quick 2 day online class. You're getting someone who spent months even years of textbook education, classroom work and even hands on instructor knowledge. There isn't a day I don't continue my education there isn't a day I stop expanding my knowledge. You get what you pay for and if want someone who won't bandaid an issue an practices what they preach, Otsana is the trainer for you. 

Quotes I live by:

"NO BAD DOGS"- Tom Davis  Upstate Canine Educator 

"A dog only knows what you teach it"- unkown